Add a version on all Output in my renderqueue

Hi !
I’m trying to add a version to my renderqueued items.
For now I’m using the rendertoken included in AE to automatically set up the right naming convention for my team. So we always render our output the same way.
I just checked the “make preset default” in the File and Location Template, with this every time I add something to the render queue it automatically goes in the right space in my disk and it s named using the compname… BUT!
But I’d love to be able to add at the end of everything (before the extension of my output) a version number. This one could be a User Promp or the last 4 characters of my filename, as long as it follows my AEP version it’s ok for me.

So on this image I’d love my render to be and . All the folders are good, everything else is working for me, i d just like to be able to add vXXX using automation toolkit.
Is it possible?

Hi @xashadowin ,
in general it is possible, but there is a limitation in the way after effects work, you can add a version to the file name only if the file path is a valid path - the containing folders must have already been created or exists and in your case they might be created only while rendering.

if the parent folders are already exists it will work, if not - automation toolkit can create them first and then change the file name of the output (but… it might lead to an empty unnecessary folders in case you cancel/delete the render queue item after running the automation, the folders will remain).

I can’t think of another way to achieve this function, because the paths are virtual so changing them won’t work property.
you can try this automation that should work only if the path are valid -
Download -
Set Render Version.json (12.2 KB)

I added the version of the project with a user prompt, so if you want me to find the version automatically please let me know how can i find the version of your project (maybe in the project name…).

please let me know you want a variant of this automation that creates the folders structure before adding the version to the render file name.


Hi Alon and thanks for your answer!

I m wondering, what if we take the problem differently and get rid of the AE template all over.
If we mix this technique:

With the prompt asking for the versionning we could use variables like FILENAME / COMPNAME / VERSION (manually input) to create a folder structure that is like:

Am I right about that?

Hi @xashadowin, Yes you are absolutely right.
I changed a bit this automation to work how you described.

Download -
Smart Render v4.json (55.5 KB)
(I changed the color of the new/modified lines to green)

keep mind that this automation only sends the selected comps to the render queue with the right file path, you can also apply a preset to the file format if you need a specific format.

Please let me know if it works properly or if you have any question.