Add composition with a specific label

Hi all,

I was wondering if someone can help me figure out an expression that can do this:
Add all compositions with a specific label to the render queue and then add a specific render module to those compositions.

So I would like to be able to send all compositions with the red label to the render queue with high res render settings. And with another automation send all compositions with yellow labels to the render queue with a lower render setting.

Does this make sense?
Thanks in advance!

Hi @Waine, welcome to the forum!

The automation consists of 3 main parts -

  1. find the next index of the render queue new item, the render queue contains many compositions so in order to know which are the compositions we added to the render queue we have to find and save the last index of the last render queue item. for this we will create a number variable and set it first to 1 as default then we will loop on all the compositions in the render queue and for each composition we will add 1 to the variable. at the end of the loop we will have the index of the first item that we are going to add to the render queue.

  2. next we will loop through the “items in the project” and check if the item type is composition and the label property is “red” and add the composition to the render queue.

  3. now we can loop over the items in the render queue again and check if the index of the render queue item >= to the variable from part 1, if the index equal or larger than the variable, it means that this is one of the items we added to the render queue, now we can apply the templates for the render settings and the output module, for the output module we will loop over the output modules with the loop option “output module in render queue item”. just change the template name to your desired template.

I hope this make sense, let me know if you need have any other questions.
Download Here - send to render queue.json (12.6 KB)


Thank you so much! That worked liked a charm and also thank you for the amazingly fast answer.

Great product and support!

Thanks :grinning:, glad to help you!