Add line in custom position - changed position?

Hi Alon…
Did you purposely change the location of the ‘Add an automation line in custom position’ with the new update? (
I liked it better when it was next to the ‘Add an automation line’ better.

Hi Nimrod,
Yes I did, because if you needed to add a line at the middle or the start you had to scroll down, click this button and then scroll up so I thought that it will be more reachable in the new location.
do you prefer this button in both locations?
if you didn’t noticed already, there is also a new execution time text in the right side of the scroll bar.

I accept your reasoning… will complain further if bothered too much.
Thanks for listening and reacting and taking every comment, request or complaint seriously.
It’s a real pleasure.

Thank you for participating and contributing, your enthusiasm about this forum and at in general makes me want to develop it more and more.