All caps

Hi. I used Automation Toolkit to change font in all layers.

Is there a way to set all of the text to All Caps? (or do I still need to go into every composition and do that manually?) I didn’t see All Caps listed in properties to change under ‘Set’


Hi @moskthescribe ,
I checked and this property can’t be changed via scripting so automation toolkit cannot support this property of the text layer, I think this property can be changed only through the UI.

There is another solution but it isn’t perfect as well, you could convert the source text of the text layer to uppercase letters but this will overwrite all the lowercase text before this operation.
if you want to see how to create this automation please let me know and I will send it to you.

Hi. Thanks for the response.
I think this is a fantastic script and would be happy to see an example of your workaround simply as a way to help me better understand option. But not high priority since I already adjusted the text manually.

Rob / Mosk

Thanks! If you like the script you should wait and see the next version (Automation Toolkit Pro), in the next version files and folders in your computer will be supported too, so you will be able to create and read/import files from your computer with smart functionality too.

Here is the workaround example, this example is very simple and easy to understand, I just created a text variable and set it’s value to the layer “source text” property, then I used the variable action “make uppercase” and then set the layer “source text” property to this variable.

download this example -
text to uppercase.json (5.5 KB)


thanks - will keep an eye out for the new, pro version!