Apply AE Plugin Smoother on multiple layers

I need to use After Effect’s own Plugin Smoother to smoothen out baked keyframes (from an expression) of a property of a whole lot of layers. But Smoother can only do this for one property of a layer at a time. Is there a way I can apply Smoother on the position property of multiple layers with a AT loop?

Or did I overlook a script that can do just that?

PS: I’m pretty new to AT :upside_down_face:

Hi @surmvoise,
unfortunately AT cant press the “Apply” button on the Smoother panel, Automation toolkit can only activate functions within the application menu bar using the “menu command” action.

For automations like this I usually tries to copy the task of the panel and create it from scratch inside automation toolkit, but this type of smooth operation is quite hard to replicate, so I can’t help you this time unfortunately.

it will be possible to work on a native “smooth” action that will work inside automation toolkit.
I didn’t find other script that can do it.

btw I can add a property smooth expression “smooth(width = .2, samples = 5, t = time)” to multiple layer if it helps you, but it won’t delete any keyframes.

Thanks for your quick answer anyway.
I hope I can find an other solution to my problem.