Color Control


Not sure why I can’t get this. I’m creating a color control effect on a layer and trying to change its value. I had no problem doing this with a fill effect in a separate layer, but I can’t seem to do it here. What am I doing wrong?

test.json (10.9 KB)

I also tried to use #000000 and #FFFFFF (with and without the pound sign). Didn’t work.

Hi @skimber ,
Colors properties by default accept decimal values (0.0-1.0), not hex value nor 8 bit (0-255),
I guess it works like this because it can support all the range of colors 8bit-16bit-32bit while giving you the same value at every color space.

also you don’t need to use “[ ]” you can just write it like this - 0,0,0 (without empty space).
1,0,0 - full red
0,1,0 - full green
0,0,1 - full blue
1,1,1 - white
0,0,0 - black

now if you need to set this color property with known hex value you can convert the hex value to decimal value using automation toolkit native text variable actions (convert rgb to hex color, convert hex to rgb color), make sure to delete the “#” from the hex.

so you you can create a text variable, then run the action “convert hex to rgb color”, and then feed this variable to the color property of the effect.
I updated your automation to do exactly that -
test2.json (13.8 KB)

2 extra methods -

  1. convert hex to decimal online - instantreality 1.0 - tools - color calculator
  2. change the settings at the “info” panel to show you the colors in Decimal format.


Awesome! I had no idea that was the case. Thank you!