Create Comps with project window Folder Structure

Hi, I’m planning to create an automation with folders i have in the project window.
The idea is pretty simple, I need automation tool kit to create comps with all the folders that are in my project window. I can do that manually but i need to that for about 15 folders which takes a while.

Please help me figure this out. Thanks

Hi @pranithk1 welcome to the forum,
I want to help you with this automation but I can’t figure out what the exact function you are trying to create so I have some questions -

  1. do you need to create compositions inside compositions to recreate the structure of the original folders structure with precomps? or just create composition for the top level folders in the project.
  2. do you need to add the content of the folder to each composition?
  3. what should be the properties of each composition (resolution, fps, duration)?

I created for you a very simple example for an automation that creates a composition for each top level folder in the project. (just create a new project and add couple of folder and try to run the automation)
Folders to Comps.json (4.7 KB)

I hope this example can help but for more detailed automation I will need more information,

Hi, Thanks for taking the time respond to my post.
I apologize for confusion, I obviously did not explain or understand what exactly what I wanted out of this.

For the first question, I don’t need precomps to be created. If possible I would like the files to be placed in the comps as is.

For the second question, Yes and no. I’ll be importing many folders into this project, with different Voiceover files and lengths. So i would need to automate the creations of each folder into a new comp.

For the third question, upon creating this comp based on the folder your question made more sense to me. The resolution should be based off of the footage I’m uploading and if possible the “frame” file’s position should be customizable as the design would change from time to time.

Hopefully I was able to explain my idea better now.
Again, thanks a lot for your help on this.

Hi @pranithk1, thanks for the further explanation !
I am unfortunately still not sure how should be the order in which the footage should go into the comp and if it matters to you or not.

Can you clarify if you need a specific automation for a specific structure of folders (Footage,Frame,Logo…) that will be the same each time and needs a specific handling or a broad global automation that will solve any type of folder with footage with every possible structure to a new composition with the right duration, fps, resolution at any order.

for the meantime, I improved the last example so now it will work on only the selected folders in the project (only if they are top level folders) and adds their footage inside the new comp, the resolution will fit the largest video/picture in the folder, the duration of the composition will fit the longest video/audio item in the folder and the framerate will match the most common framerate in the collection of the clips in the folder.

The automation is now quite complicated, because all the difficult operations of finding the largest + longest footage and the most common framerate.

Download -
Folders to Comps 2.json (128.1 KB)

Please let me know if you needs a different automation or if you have any question.
(it will help if you show me a real example for all the functions you want to automate)