Dropdown Control Menu

One more question: Is it possible to use a Dropdown Control Menu and change the values in it? I’m trying to create an expression using the Automation Toolkit in which I create a Dropdown Control Menu on an Adjustment Layer and tie another layer’s blend mode to the value chosen in that Control Menu. Thanks!

Hi @skimber ,
this is not possible on the current version unfortunately, but I have already implemented this feature on the next update so it will be possible soon.
I am very close to finishing the other new features (drag and drop lines, automation button colors and many more).

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Awesome! Looking forward to its release! Thanks!

@skimber I just released the latest update 2.0.2 :grinning:

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Nice! I’m excited to use it! :slight_smile:

Just being able to move the steps around is a huge help. This is great! :slight_smile:

I am glad you found it useful!
I think this feature really encourages you to try more stuff.
Thanks for requesting this feature, it wouldn’t happen without you :smiley:

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