Enable Layer Styles

Hi! I need a little help.)
Can I enable or disable Layer Styles or change “LS” specific parameters in the newest version? How can I do this if possible?

Hi @UtahTM, sure!
(enable and disable is supported on version )
in the latest update you can change the properties of the layer style, there is a new type of loop called “properties in the layer”, this loop cycles through each property of the layer but you should search for the “real” name (“match name”) of the property for example the drop shadow “Size” property called “dropShadow/blur”, you can also use the name from the UI but the problem with that is that there are many properties with the same name so you can change them too by mistake.
searching for the “match name” is very easy, you can use a utility automation and check what is the name of the selected property of the layer, so you just have to select a property and you will get the “match name” of that property to use in your automation.

so I created an example for you, an automation that adds “Drop Shadow” and sets the “Size” and the “Distance” to 15.
I also created a utility automation for finding the match names.
let me know if you have more questions,

Utility Automation - find match name.json (7.0 KB)
Drop Shadow Automation - layer styles.json (13.7 KB)

if you want to enable or disable a specific layer style:

  1. Loop over the layers in the comp using the option “layers in the active comp”.
  2. you can check if the layer is selected and change only the selected layers.
  3. inside the if add a loop line and change the type to “properties in the layer”.
  4. inside the loop add an if line and select the name of this parent loop, select the property “name” and then type the name of the specific layer style for example “Drop Shadow”.
  5. inside the if line add a set line, select the parent loop and then the property “enabled”, then set it to true or false(this will enable or disable the layer style).

this example - Disable Drop Shadow.json (6.8 KB)

in this version you can convert the layer style Drop Shadow to the drop shadow effect.

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Thank you very much, Alon!
It’s all perfectly works!

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