How to add couple of effects with specific names and values?

So, i’m trying to add 3 sliders control with different name, and the only way i found (i’m not strong in it…) is check the number of effects in the layer > then rename the last effect by it index, but how to find the last one but -1 index ? In the If statement i didn’t find that option…
Or there is some a lot better way to do this ?)) (i’m sure it is)

There are very few tutorials on YouTube for this plugin(

Hi @Oleh,
you can find the index of the newly added effects with simple calculation of a number variable and set ( for the calculation),

first create a variable that will store the number of the effects (the last index of effect).
then you can calculate the index of the previous effects by setting it’s value to the layer number of effect minus(-) 1 or 2. and if there are 6 effects you will get the number 5/4 and then you can search for this index in a loop.
check out this example automation -
add effects with names.json (21.2 KB)

I recommend you to watch this more advanced tutorial.
Please let me know if you have more questions.

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