Menu Command : Paste

Is it possible to paste something that was copied to the clipboard in an automation or is Paste one of those menu commands that doesn’t work?

@efraser88 I’m a bit confused as to why you need to do such an action, maybe if you explain what you’re trying to do and there will be a simpler solutionץ

I am not actually sure if it is possible, I didn’t try it but I can tell you that the copy to clipboard command executed separately from all the lines in the automation script because it not implemented in after effects scripting language so I had to use a workaround that tells the extension window to run only this command.

So the main problem that can arise is that the lines will run in asynchronous order, because when the automation running the “copy to clipboard” action it will send a message to the extension window to do it but it will not wait before continue to the next lines in the automation.

I’m trying to build an automation that copies a Roto Brush effect from one layer and then paste it to another. As far as I can tell I’ve managed to copy the effect (I run the automation, and then when I manually press Ctrl-V, the Roto Brush effect pastes to the other layer) but I can’t seem to automate the paste part.

And, again, thank you so much for all your prompt support. I just bought the Pro version, though I may not need the extra features. You’ve surely earned it!

@efraser88 Thanks! I appreciate your goodwill and support for the product :smiley:

Forget my last response I thought you meant the “copy to clipboard” project action (that copies text to the clipboard). if you meant just regular copy&paste menu commads it should work fine, but it is a little bit funky, as you need to make sure the right panel is active and only the specific layer.

I answered a related question 2 days ago.
look at this post (post 5#) - Why is the dropdown “layers in other comp” empty?
it is almost the same question so I got confused, let me know if you figured it out or you need help.

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Thank you, that helped!