Menu Commands in drop downs


how do I adress menu commands that are within a drop down. Like for example:

Composition > New > Text (For a new textlayer in the currently open comp)

I tried “Text” but it doesn´t do anything. Is that because the command is not supported or because there is another way to write it or because I first would need to declare the open composition within the automation actions or …?



Hi @sakoautotk, welcome to the forum!
some menu commands doesn’t work, for example you can see that the “Solid…” and “Null Object” works fine,
I checked and the “Text” isn’t working, this is on adobe side so this is not something I can fix.
you should know menu commands will work only if you can select them in the UI so you have to make sure they are not greyed out, for example if you want to use the keyframe assistant menu it is necessary that at least 1 keyframe will be selected.

the solution for creating a text layer is using an item action called “add text”, this will add a text layer with a custom text.
1.loop in the layers in the selected composition.
1.1 create a new item variable select the loop name and then the property “containing comp”, this will assign the layer’s containing composition as the variable.
2. add an action and select the new comp variable, select “add text” and then you can type a custom text or use another variable as the text.
If you later want to find the new text layer you can search by it’s name or by the index(every new item will be created at index 1).

download the example - new text.json (1.6 KB)

please let me know if you have more questions.