Paste Image or Video from explorer

Hi! Is there way to make AT that can import and place to active comp a Image or Video from external folder (wiith premaded path)

Here I tried to do something similliar but with a folder :0
This script is only can import, but can’t place item/items to active comp

Hi @krkrkrkr,
it is possible,

  1. you can just create a file variable, click on the folder icon and select your file.

  2. then you can import it using the file action “import” and select file or sequence.

  3. after importing it to the project you have to find it again because now it is not a system file, it is a project item (or just item) so you have to loop over the items in the project and search for an item with the name of the file you just imported.

  4. then you have to save the active composition as an item variable, and use the action “add item” and select the project item you searched earlier to add it to the composition.

You can download these automations to see how it works
(I commented each line with a new feature from v2.0.3) -
Import file.json (8.2 KB)
Import folder.json (14.5 KB)

Please let me know if you have more questions,

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