Place markers at an specific number of keyframe (?)

Hi! I’m sorry to bother you again. I was just thinking on one more process that I’d need to accelerate my workflow. I need to place a whoosh SFX on Premiere Pro every first and third keyframe (they always have 4 for transition in and out) of every selected layer. I have my animation on AE.

I was thinking that I could use an adjustment layers that is automatically marked on those keyframes of every layer selected? I was also thinking that maybe we can also apply that same logic for PASTE the whoosh SFX on those markers on After Effects, but I’m not sure if I could translate that audio placement to premiere efficiently. Maybe with an XML?

Any suggestion would be amazing. I really appreciate this!

Franz Tomandl

I just tried to do it manually and it doesn’t seem to work very well :frowning: I need more spacing between the keyframes that are most close to each other

I really don’t think it’s worth bothering you with this. I have to think on a new way to automate this anyway so if I have a new idea, I’ll come asking for help again.

Again, if you could have any suggestion, that’d be great.


Franz Tomandl

@franztomandl You do not bother me at all!
feel free to use this forum to ask any question any time :grinning:

I am not sure what exactly doesn’t seem to work very well, you can place the whoosh SFX sound over the keyframes or generate adjustment layer with markers and you can return it to premiere pro by exporting it as an “Adobe Premiere Pro Project…”, in the after effects export menu or try to use the copy function (the xml method seems too hard).
I’m not sure how I can help you more…

let me know if you found another way or need a specific example of an automation,