Property/Effect variable

Hey! I’m struggling trying to create an effect variable for a transform effect I have on a layer. I’ve added the Automation to this post. When I try to create a variable for the loop63 value (after identifying it), the dropdown menu is blank. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!
DIY Halftones - WIP.json (14.4 KB)

Hi @skimber, effect cannot be save as a variable.
The “Property/Effect” is misleading and I might rename it to only “Property”.

If you need to save s specific effect you can save the layer as a variable and the effect’s index as another variable, then loop over the layer effects each time you need to make a change (you can also find it by the name), I know it is less efficient but there is a reason for it.

so why can’t automation toolkit save effects as variable?

Short answer -

this is a limitation on the after effects scripting side.

Long answer -

layers, items and properties designed by adobe to have their constant place in the memory so the address to each layer will remain the same each time. as result you can save the address to them within the variable and use it as much as you want to access the layer properties.
While some other objects inside after effects like Effects, Keyframes and Markers don’t have a constant space in the memory so each time you access them, they get a temporary address that will be changing in some cases and ruin the link between the effect and the variable,
for example if you delete the first effect of the layer all the addresses of the remaining effects will no longer work and therefore all the variables of these effects will no longer work.

Please let me know if you have more questions.

That makes total sense. I am glad it wasn’t something I was doing wrong. :slight_smile: Thanks!