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Hi, I try to setup automation like this but with an other level of custom, and it wont work when i modify this one.
I need some help to setup please.
I would like to add image in background and export it like in this automation.
But also add a Character images in foreground.
Layer 8 is the background image.
And layer 6 is the character image.
Automation should take each image from ‘images’ folder and ‘charachter’ folder and export this comp with a different background for each charachter with the name of each charachter + background files.
Could you help me please?

Hi @Zooraw, Welcome to the forum!
(I move this post to a new topic so it will be more readable and easier to find)

I modified the original automation as you asked, it will now search for 2 folders, “characters” and “images” and it will create a render for each character with all the different images(backgrounds) separately to make all possible combinations.
this automation is still quite complicated so it will be hard to explain everything, if you have specific questions feel free to ask me at any time.

Download here-
batch render images v2.json (155.1 KB)

(I colored the new/changed lines in blue)
Please let me know if it works,

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Thanks a lot for this new script.
it works perfectly !
The next step is to add and replace text from google sheet.
Do you think it’s possible to use within CompsFromSpreadsheet 5 from Aescript ?
Thanks again for your quick answer … this is awesome !!!