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hello community! 400 renders for each layer in an external folder, how can i automate the layer replacement and render every time it is moved?

thank you very much in advance!

Hi @leny welcome to the forum!
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it sounds possible from your description, but I need more information about the process to give you an automated solution for this.

can you explain what is the starting state of the project/layers, the process of rendering each layer (what are the render settings, render preset), and how it should be in the end state.

can you explain this part, moved by who and where?

Thanks for getting back to me!

In the composition of the project, I have 2 layers #5 and #6 that I must replace and render, 400 img to replace-400 renders to make.

So I need to create an automation for:
1- select layers 5 and 6, which are the same image with different properties.
2 - replace them with each one of the 400 images.
3 - send to render each time the image is replaced. This rendering would be perfect if it can be sent to Media Encode, but nothing happens if it is inside the same AE.
The parameters are :
H264, medium bitrate, saves each render with the number of the image that has been replaced, for example: “image000, image001, …, image400”.
I can modify the location of everything, both the root project and of the export, according to what you can tell me.
I have no idea about programming or coding, so I have been quite clumsy when doing this.
Thank you very much in advance!

Hi @leny ,
Thanks for the detailed explanation, it made the process much faster :smiley:

I won’t try to explain how I technically made the automation as it is very complicated automation that will be impossible to understand for new user, you will need more experience with the tool.

the automation works as you requested and very easy to set up and run, you will need a folder in your project called “Images” and place all your images inside this folder, open the main composition and click on the automation button “batch render images”, then you can type the preset name for the renders (if you want), and finally it will ask you to choose a folder output location for the renders.

in the background it will duplicate the main composition each time and replace the 5&6 index layer with different images from the “Images” folder in your project, than it will send it to the render queue with the right name, location and preset. (it will move all the temp composition to a project folder named “Temp Render Comps_Delete This After render”)

Download -
batch render images.json (98.7 KB)

Please let me know if it works for you or if you have any questions.

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OMG! This is like magic!!!
I can’t thank you enough!


Glad it worked :smiley:

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THANKS very very much!

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