Replace Unlinked footage Bluk Automation

Hi guys,
I am not very well versed with coding and i have this project im working on, its a bulk process and its time consuming. I just need help in understanding how to set this up for myself. Thank you!


Project Folder in root contains > File1.psd, File2.psd
Both these files and just placeholders and do no exist in the project because they have to be replaced.

Actually tree of the project that I have

Folder name is “Replace” in root
which contains these 2 files namely “Name.psd” and “Text.psd”

Hi @BleachedHuman , welcome to the forum!

Your description seems to explain only half of the automation so it’s hard for me to understand what result you are trying to achieve, could you describe what the project looks like and what it should look like after running the automation?
(from your explanation I understood that there are two files intended for replacement, I did not understand if they are in the root or in the folder that you mentioned called “replace”, I did not exactly understand if you are trying to replace them with other files and which files you want to replace).

Or you can share a screenshot video showing the manual process you’re trying to automate, if that’s more convenient for you.

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Hi, pls check this process and let me know if it works.

@BleachedHuman This process is possible with automation toolkit,

There is a part after you replace the first placeholder that it relinks 54 missing footage - “After Effects: 54 additional missing items have been found.”,
these missing footage it necessary? can you relink them before running the automation?
you will have to relink these footage item before running the automation, because I am not sure it will relink them for you and also you want to avoid this message popping up and stopping the automation each time.

i will create an example for this automation and send it soon.
i will use the same project folders structure and the automation will ask you to select the “All PSD” folder.

So the error means it automatically locates the missing layers inside inside the PSD selected, so that cannot be solved before relinking because relinking gets those layers imported. As long as the file can be selected to replace, everything will work fine.
Much appreciate the help!

@BleachedHuman So all the other layers outside the “replace” project folder in the psd file are different from image1 to image2 and need to be replaced?
If they are it will be more complicated to relink all 54 PSD layers.

The process of relinking the layered psd file is a tricky process using Automation Toolkit, as it won’t happen automatically like using the “Replace Footage” option in the manu.
The PSD file contains multiple layers and Automation Toolkit cannot separate and relink them individually (replacing 1 psd layer won’t automatically relink all the other psd layers from the same file, and it won’t recognize the layer inside the psd).

We can try to import the psd file as a layered composition and match the imported project item layers by name to the missing items and replace them like this, but this solution is not perfect because the psd layers can have similar names and this will mess up the linking process.

Another method is to import the original psd file and the new psd file and replace the missing items with the names of the original imported psd file with the same index layer in the new psd layer file but this is quite a complicated process that will take time (That’s probably how After Effects does it).

I will try to do it but it will take longer to get back to you

Okay got it!
Its ok, pls do use any more time than you have on this,i really appreciate you trying this.

Pls close this topic.

Thank you so much!

Its not about time, I am not quitting that easily and happy to help as much as i can.
I tried to create this automation with my best effort but couldn’t.
I found it is not possible to replace PSD project item that represent a layer in photoshop file with another psd layered file, it seems like a limitation in after effects scripting language.

Sorry for the inconvenience, hope I can help next time!

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