Set Track Matte Layer

I can’t seem to create an automation that sets a layers track matte layer. Even with the most basic composition I can’t figure out how to pull it off. I’ve attached a picture of my code and the json file.
track matte test.json (6.9 KB)

@efraser88 you are right there is a bug with this action, because the track matte type default value in after effects 2023 is “none” so it won’t work, I should fix it in the next update so the default value will be “Alpha Matte”.

You can set the normal “track matte” property to “Alpha Matte” and then set the “track matte layer” as you did and it will work,

  • there is a small problem with this solution, as it will first set the track matte for the layer above (as in old ae versions) and disable it and then it will set the track matte layer to the specified layer and disable it too, so you need to enable the layer above the track matte later. (in your case nothing will happen because there is no layer above the first layer)

let me know if you need any further help.

Thanks, that explains it!