Setting audio volume

On all layers in the project where “audio is enabled” I´d like to set the volume where the value is comming from a user requested variable. Can´t find something like “Volume” to set this value. Is there any?

Yes, the volume property is missing but there is a way to change the volume and additional properties that do not exist in the list of properties.

You should use the loop “properties in the layer” inside a “layers in the active comp” loop,
“properties in the layer” will loop through the properties of the layer and give you access to the less common properties. in this case you should add an “if” line inside the loop and check if the property name is equal to “Audio Levels”, add a set inside the if and set the property value to “4,4”, this value is right and left (2 dimensional) so you need to give 2 values with comma between them.
then you can stop the loop from running on other properties to make the automation faster using the “stop loop” under the loop types.
the example -
Audio Levels.json (6.3 KB)

maybe I should add this property to the main layer properties.

Thank´s, for that workaround. Will safe hours of fiddeling in tons of precomps!

Other than searching in main layer properties that are named in english, but working in foreign language settings of AE too, your workaround search does look for the translated names of the properties. Not a problem at all, but a need do know.

searching the property by it’s “name” property in the specific language won’t work in the other languages but if you want it to work in all the languages of after effects you should use the “match name” property instead of the “name” property,

the match name property gives you the real name of the property that is similar between of all the versions of after effects.

you can check what is the match name of a specific property by first search by the “name” property (based on the user interface name) and then message the “match name” property that will show you the real name, then you can use the match name you found in your automation.
for example the match name of the “Audio Levels” is “ADBE Audio Levels”.

Thank´s for the explanation.
Could adapt your script meanwhile, so it will ask for old and new audio level value and exchange only the matching ones. More and more like the versatibility of Toolbox!

I will soon post the new version of Automation Toolkit where there will be explanations of each option
of the properties so it will be much easier to understand and use

Thumbs up.