Transform FX Scale property not responding

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I’m still working on this automation (It’s involved, but will be very helpful for a series of projects my company has to do). I’m trying to connect a few properties from a Transform FX to the properties of a different layer via expression. I was able to do that with the Position and Rotation, but for some reason, the Scale won’t work. One thing I did notice, which may be the contributing factor, is that when I added the effect with the automation, for some reason it turned off uniform scaling, so I had to turn that back on. Is that why this isn’t working? I’ve attached the settings so far.
Refraction lines Displacement v02.json (95.1 KB)

Hi @skimber ,
you just have to type “Scale Height” instead of “Scale”, the expression will be applied to both properties.

Download -
Refraction lines Displacement v02.json (95.1 KB)

Don’t hesitate to ask any question, figuring it out can be quite hard at the start,
if you create some automations that are helpful and you are willing to share them there is a category for that.

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Ah, great. Thank you! And I absolutely will. :slight_smile: