Want to slice and randomly rearrange a layer. is it possible

i have a plugin for Vegas called StutterFrame by Vasst… here is the description and an example of how the interface looks:

“Stutterframe grabs frames within a selected area and re-sequences them for a “jump forward-look back” effect”

would it be possible to re-create this in automation toolkit… i sure hope so!

Hi @nftotis, welcome to the forum!
I looked on the StutterFrame website and found only one example of the effect so I am not sure that I understand what exactly the process and the end results should look like,
this is the process from what I understand (correct me if I’m wrong):

  1. select an area at the comp for the transition (I saw in their video that they use 2 markers).
  2. type values for random cut minimum length and maximum cut length by frames.
  3. cut the layer(inside the markers area) randomly by the minimum/maximum values.
  4. reorder them randomly.

please let me know if this is the right process and if you need support for zoom effects too, random effects will be more complicated, I can add effects randomly but changing their values randomly will cause weird results.
This process is possible and I will help you create this automation but first I need to be sure that I understand it correctly,

Hi @nftotis , following my previous post here is the automation - Stutter effect.json (148.4 KB)
this automation was quite difficult to create and it have 108 lines so I wouldn’t try to understand the structure of the automation, the UI is very slow too (limitation that will hopefully be fixed in the extension).

  1. mark your layer with 2 markers for the in and out(markers on the layer not on the composition).
  2. select the layer and run the automation.
  3. type the minimum and the maximum frames per slice.
  4. review the results and undo if you want to change the settings

I hope this mimics the StutterFrame effect well enough and brings you the desired result,
feel free to ask me any other question.