Why if the layer inPoint (or start time) is at 00:00:00, the collection index number is 1?

But if the layers is at least 1 frame forward (00:00:01) the collection index is correct…

Hi @Oleh ,
collection index cannot be 0,
collection is much more advanced variable type, it stores multiple values in array of objects (layers, items, numbers, texts…).
for example -
text collection - [“item 1”, “item 2”, “item 3”]

the index property points to an item in the array, if the index of this collection is set to 1 we would see “item 1” (in “element at index” property of the collection) , if 3 - we would get “item 3”.
I would wait before trying to use collections, for most automation you won’t need it but for advanced automations it is needed.

try this example instead -
add markers.json (4.1 KB)

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As always i’m overcomplicate simple things :sweat_smile:
Thanks you!!