Why is some AT_..._shortcut.jsx files are not working?

For example that delete hidden-layer is not working and that to create New Solid is working…
And i’m tested it with and without shortcuts (just try run it from script panel)

I’m just want to export automation as script file for run in with KBar (and yes, i see the topic about it, that method with create shortcut, as i describe here is not working with some automations) :frowning:

Hi @Oleh,
it could be one of 2 things,

  1. shortcuts only works with the pro version of AT, so if you want to use this feature you have to upgrade to the pro version.
  2. if you have the pro version already make sure to open automation toolkit in the background, the jsx works only while the extension is open.

please let me know if you have more questions

Hello, i have Pro version and extension is open, but still it’s not working

Oh, and i’m really interesting, is there a way to create script with this, which will be works like any regular scripts, without extension ?.. Be really cool, it’s be like plugin that helps to create scripts inside after effects))

@Oleh Sorry for the late response, I usually try to answer much faster.

Thanks for all the details and the video, I was able to reproduce this bug and I am trying to find out why it happen and how to solve it (this is the first time I have encountered it),

many asked before you for this feature but it will take a big update to convert these lines into proper JavaScript code so it has a low chance that I will implement this feature but never say never.

I will update you when I have a solution for this.

@Oleh I found the source of this bug and a quick solution,
the description making the problem, if you delete the description of the automation or change it to text without new lines and without these characters : "
it will work.
I will work on a quick update to fix this issue.

sorry for the inconvenience,

More Info

I formatting the text of jsx automation file in the wrong way so any special character can make the shortcut file unreadable to the extension"

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Okey, thanks for the solution and quick bag-fixing @alonshemer
It’s great that the developer helps mere mortals, and so quickly too!

Who knows if really many people have asked for this feature, so I believe that someday it will coming! :yum: :crossed_fingers: