Ability to move automation sections

If possible, it would be great if we could move sections of an automation into another section by dragging it. For instance, if you have a loop late in your automation but realize it should be done earlier, it would be great to be able to drag it to the new spot rather than copying and pasting it. Not sure if that’s possible, but figured I’d put it out there. Absolutely loving the script!

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@skimber this is possible, I thought about this feature but I’ve come to the conclusion that messing with the order of the lines can break automations and confuse users because the functionality of the automation kind of depends on the order of the lines so it better to not have this ability.

try this simple solution -
you can highlight and copy the lines you want to move, delete them, and paste them at the position you want them to be.


Hey Alon,
Just wanted to revisit this. I totally see what you’re saying with your decision, and it makes total sense. I was wondering if it was possible to make it a preferences thing for the script. Some people will probably share your philosophy, but I know that I was having some difficulty copying and pasting yesterday when I tried to move some sections to a different area, mainly because it wouldn’t go to the right part of the hierarchy. (For instance, I wanted to place a “set” or “loop” value that I made elsewhere under an “if” statement, and it would paste it outside that hierarchy. I figured out a way to do it, but it felt like it might have been simpler to drag it). So, maybe that could be a feature that’s able to be turned on based on a user’s preference? Thanks!

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Hello! I’m new to AutomationToolkit, but experienced in scripting. I finally got the pro version and have been making automations for a bit now. Mostly I’m happy with the tool, but I want to second the request to have the ability to drag/reorder lines, or inject new lines at any point in a script. I’d love love to be able to easily expand functionality of old automations, or even change my mind about how an automation is ordered without a lot of copying/pasting/deleting. If reordering a sequence confuses someone, that person probably isn’t putting automations together in the first place - but not having that ability adds a ton of friction to an otherwise great tool. My 2 cents! Please consider! I’d totally buy more licenses.

Hi! @levi,
Thank you for giving your input! and making Automation Toolkit better.
this feature slowly moved out of my list of updates for Automation Toolkit but thanks to your post I will put this feature in my list of new futures as the next feature I am going to work on.

currently you can add a new automation line at a custom position using this button in the editor

It’s going to take a while for me to figure this out, but I’m determined to make this feature happen.