Disappearing UI button

Hi Alon…
Are you aware that sometimes UI buttons disappear? Is there a recommended fix for that? When I close the Automation Toolkit window and try to open again I get “Unable to execute script at Lin 0. After Effects error: Can not run a script while a modal dialog is waiting for response.” Then an empty window named Automation-Toolkit, after closing and opening again everything works fine.

Hi Nimrod, thanks for letting me know,
I am aware of this issue (should only occur in editor video),
I have noticed that this error happens when another after effects UI window opens up and messes up the script UI.
for example the auto-save window, new composition/solid window, interpret footage window.

I recommend trying to avoid opening these windows (create new comp/solid), maybe disabling auto-save while editing(or just changing the auto-save time to higher value),
before creating a new comp be sure to close the editor.
I think this bug is on adobe side so my hand are tied but I am happy to announce that I am working on a new Automation Toolkit Extension that will be much faster, prettier and probably solve this error and other UI problems.

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I can’t wait…

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