Fade in/out/both

Fade_In_Out.json (20.8 KB)

Is this how we should share Automations? Hope it works for you…

Choose the layers you want to Fade in, out, or both… set the duration of the fade in seconds, and state if you want to delete previously keyed values in the opacity property.

Hi Nimrod, your automation is really good,
there aren’t tutorials about keyframes yet and you still nailed it.
For the next time please upload the json file to the massage because copying the code won’t work properly(i fixed this for you).

@Zinim I just want let you know that there is a “make lowercase” text action.
your automation not work if you type yes(with lower case) so you can use the “make lowercase” action to make it work with both Yes and yes. hopes this helps

@alonshemer Thanks for looking at it and improving it…
I added the make lowercase action to the automation and re-uploaded the json file…