Having trouble adding Brightness & Contrast effect


I"m having difficulty adding the Brightness & Contrast effect in an automation I’m putting together. When I add an effect called “Brightness & Contrast,” then it adds a Brightness & Contrast effect, but it doesn’t seem to be the right one, as it doesn’t have the “Use Legacy” toggle. I’ve looked at the footage with this particular Brightness & Contrast effect and the one I’m looking for (which is under Color Correction in Effects & Presets), and the look is different. When I look for it in the pull-down menu, it comes up as this:

However, no matter how many spaces I put between “Brightness” and “Contrast,” it won’t apply the effect. Any suggestions?

(Sorry if this isn’t clear. I have COVID, so am suffering with COVID brain. :slight_smile: )


Hi @skimber ,
I’m sorry to hear about the covid situation, Hope you get well soon !

for your question, the problem is that both effects have the same display name so automation toolkit adds the first one it finds with this name, in this case it found first the wrong/old effect.

luckily for us every effect have a unique name (or id) too that is called “match name”, so if we find the match name of this specific effect we can add it using another action called “add effect (match name)”, this action will add the effect by the match name instead of the regular display name.
(this option is good also if you work with multiple languages of after effects so it will work with all of them).

it is quite easy to find the match name of an effect, just add the effect to an existing layer through the ui, then you can loop over the layer effects using automation toolkit and message the match name property of all the effects. one of them will be the desired match name of the effect.

download this example automation (version 2.0.1 only) -
effect match name.json (5.4 KB)

the match name of this effect is “ADBE Brightness & Contrast 2”.
try to use the “add effect (match name)” action with this match name.

download example -
Brightness & Contrast.json (3.2 KB)

Please let me know if you have more questions.

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Thank you so much! This is a HUGE help! :slight_smile: