How to set Effect Dropdown Menu value


I have another question. I’m trying to figure out how to set a dropdown menu value in an effect. In this case, I’m trying to point the dropdown menu of a Displacement Map Layer (in a Displacement Map effect) to use a different layer. I made that layer a variable, but I can’t figure out how to point to it. Can you help me figure this one out?


I figured out how to select the layer by setting the index and pointing the dropdown menu to it! However, I’m now struggling trying to get the dropdown menus underneath to cooperate. I tried to use the same technique to use the index of “Luminance” in the dropdown menu, but it doesn’t seem to be working. So, I guess my question has changed to “how do I do that?” Thanks!

THanks for your help! I’ll give this a shot in a bit. I did get the layer one working, for what it’s worth. Like I say, it was when I tried to change the horizontal displace to “luminance” that I couldn’t figure out a solution. I attached the automation settings for selecting the layer so you could see what I did. :slight_smile:
Glass Displacement.json (22.0 KB)

My bad, lol !!
I found a bug when typing the value but it still works fine with number variables as you said,
Nice work! you really got it, you just have to set the “Use For Horizontal Displacement” property to 5.
I marked my lines with green.

download -
Refraction lines.json (25.8 KB)

sorry for my long and messy message, ignore that completely.

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This is perfect! Thank you!!!