Messages and listbox

Can you explain how messages and listboxes work? Are you able to automatically populate a listbox based on certain parameters (like if a file is an .mov, add it)? Once you do, are you able to have the user select lines within the listbox and have it affect other parameters. (Have the ones the user picks translate to selected items, for example). Thanks!

Hi @skimber ,
the list box is just a way to create fast list that you can copy easily.
you need to create a message and click on “sum to list”, it will add each message to a one big list.
finally you can show a list using the listbox line.
Example - an automation that creates a list of all the .mov project items.
Download -
MOV List.json (3.9 KB)

You can read more about messages and listboxes in the user guide website - Message - Automation Toolkit Pro User Guide

the list box can’t do that, it’s only for showing text lists, but you can have a user select from a dynamic list of options(using a collection) that you choose or search for and affect other parameters in the automation (but you can only select 1 item of the list), but this question should be on another topic.