Move items to another folder


I was wondering if it was possible to move items inside the project, to a folder, subfolder…? I don’t manage to find it.


Hi @Yves ,
the property called “parent folder”, you can set it to another folder item to move the item to another folder.

I created for you an example that creates a new “Compositions” folder in the project, then loop over the project items and save the new folder as an item variable called “folder” and finally loop through all the project items again and if an item is Composition, set the “parent folder” property to the new folder variable to move it inside this folder.

Download -
Compositions Folder.json (8.4 KB)

Please let me know if you want a different example,

Hi @alonshemer

Thank you so much that’s perfect, I’ve understood and I’ve managed to do it in my automation!

I wonder though, is it possible to assign a name to an item I create, which combines two variables? For exemple in a folder named ‘MEN’, if I have a text variable ‘blur effects’, can I create a new variable for a subfolder which would be named MEN_blur effects ?
I hope it’s understandable…!


@Yves well done!

just create new text variable and with temporary value, then use the “set” automation line to set its value to variable 1 + “_” + variable 2.
then you can use this text variable as the name for the item.

I created an example for you for an automation that create a folder with a custom name and a sub folder with the same name + “_” + another name (“blur effects”).

in this example I created the folder first with a custom unique name - “AT_New_Folder” and then searched for an item with this name and finally changed its name to the desired name (“MEN”).

This method solves the problem of already having a folder with the same name because if a folder with the same name is already exists the automation will identify it as the new folder instead of the real new folder so a unique name will help you find the right folder.

Download -
Sub-Folder Example.json (14.7 KB)


Hi @alonshemer
thanks again, I managed to make it work with your help! And that’s right, I had the issue of having folders with the same name and files not sorting as I wanted :slightly_smiling_face:
Ok I have another question… on the other topic!


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