Render Naming, Output, Media Encoder Issues

Hello! I’m having problems with the task sequence, I’ve been suffering for 2 weeks already (Render)
Required: If the layer has the “_EN” suffix, then disable all other existing suffixes ("_KR _SC _JA _UA"), and send it to the Media Encoder queue, adding the prefix “_EN” to the output
The same with the rest (for example, if the layer has the “_KR” suffix, then turn off all other layers with suffixes and send them to render), and so on
Here is some screenshots
Any tips, ideas?
Thanks in advance!:slight_smile:

Hi @krkrkrkr , welcome to the forum, you found the right place!
if you are just starting with Automation Toolkit it will be quite hard to understand how to create these type of automations.

I created 2 variations of this automation, the first version will do all the work from start to finish and create all the versions with the different suffix and send them to media encoder, the second version will make only 1 suffix version at a time that you can choose from a list and it will only send it to the render queue (not encoder) with the right name, then you can manually click on “Queue in AME” to send it to Media Encoder.

version 1 -
make&send all versions.json (36.7 KB)

version 2 -
make version.json (31.8 KB)

I will explain only the second simpler version -

Please let me know if you have more questions.